At KEEP ROLLING we have a variety of high-end industry leading camera, monitor and lighting solutions which offer on-screen quality for any destination - whether smartphone, computer, TV or cinema screen - your projects will shine. We pride ourselves on selecting the right kit for the right job and it will always be on budget. 
**6K / 4K / HD resolution high-end cameras
**Industry leading lens brands
**Wireless monitoring and remote focus equipment
**LED energy efficient lighting solutions
Our bespoke VW Transporter is designed to carry both kit and crew. A removable, folding table-top helps with DIT duties / production tasks / interior monitoring. The van is also a make-shift green room or even just a quiet place to relax.
**4 x 13 amp sockets with 2000 watts of independent power.
**4 x USB charger ports for modern gadgets.
**5G private WiFi network onboard
Our vehicle is also available for your production with or without our equipment. KEEP ROLLING can provide unit driver options should you so require. A number of productions request our vehicle for this sole purpose and we are always happy to provide. 
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