Our bespoke VW Transporter is designed to carry kit and crew and to offer support throughout your shoot, especially on location. The conference style seating is designed to allow conversation during travel with comfort at heart. 
A removable, folding table-top also quickly creates a working environment for a variety of needs - DIT station / data management / production tasks / interior monitoring / green room or even just a quiet place to relax. 
There are 4 x 13 amp sockets with 2000 watts of independent power, capable of charging v-lock batteries / external hard drives / laptops and also power for exterior lighting of up to 2 x 1000 watts of output. This easily caters for ARRI SkyPanels, DMG Lumiere LEDs and even a number of HMI & Tungsten lamps. Each socket also has 2 x USB ports for modern gadgets.
As these photos show, our bespoke designed vehicle provides a number of solutions for clients, cast & crew alike in situations across Europe and the UK. 
Our vehicle is available for your production with or without our equipment. KEEP ROLLING can provide simple unit driver options should you so require. A number of productions request our vehicle for this sole purpose and we are always happy to provide. 
Please go to our RATE CARD page for services and prices.

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