KEEP ROLLING is here to help you get the very best results for your TV, film & video productions. We are a one-stop agency delivering crew / kit / transport all from under one roof.  
An agency run by cinematographer Stuart White with high-quality, creative and cost-efficient solutions for your shoot. We can offer technical advice on cameras and lenses that best fits the destination of your finished films. Sometimes less is more... Be it in a professional studio, a hired private location or out and about on the streets, we can address all of your needs and bring it in on budget.
A small boutique agency; we have high-end equipment, a mobile production support vehicle for both kit & crew and talented, experienced camera assistants that know our equipment inside-out. With the cinematographers they build, prepare and maintain the kit in any situation. 
Our wide network of DOPs, Lighting Cameramen & Women, Gaffers and Camera Assistants enable us to ensure your production will be a success, both creatively and financially. 
"I am often a one-stop-shop for a number of productions due to being a Director of Photography who has armed himself with a number of kit options and transport solutions so I decided to create"​​​​​​​
Get exactly what you want - just KEEP ROLLING! 
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